KAD Air Conditioning is one of the most prominent manufacturers of ducting and ducting accessories in the UAE. The company’s primary principle is based on offering its customers high-quality, customized ducting solution, all of which that are delivered to them on time.

KAD Air Conditioning manufactures and supplies ducting systems and centralized air-conditioning duct equipment’s such as Volume Control Dampers, Access Doors, UL classified Fire Dampers, Motorized Fire Dampers, Motorized fire & smoke Dampers, Motorized Smoke Dampers, Non-coated fire rated ducts for both domestic and industrial air conditioning systems.

Our Products

Air Duct

There are four types of Air Ducts:

Galvanized Iron (GI) Ducts, Mild Steel (MS) Ducts, Stainless Steel (SS) Ducts, Aluminum (AL) Duct

All the accessories such as fittings, attachments, components, and other goods are manufactured from the finest grade of material and cutting edge technology.


Non-coated Fire Rated Duct

KAD’s Non-coated Fire Rated Duct is specially designed fire rated ductwork system without coating. KAD’s Non-coated Fire Rated Ductwork System is approved for Mechanical Ventilation System, Car Park Extraction System, Smoke Extraction System, Kitchen Extraction System, Dual Ventilation / Smoke Extraction System, Pressurization Duct.

Volume Control Damper

Volume Control Dampers or Balancing Dampers from KAD Air Conditioning are designed to balance air to individual areas. This unit comes with complete manual quadrant or motorized actuators. Volume Control Dampers can be manufactured with galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Dampers are suitable for the systems requiring air control.

Access Doors

KAD Air Conditioning provides high quality access doors. Access Door provides quick, easy and economical option wherever duct access is needed. Cam-lock system assures the tight closure and continuous piano hinges model provide smooth operation.


KAD Air Conditioning manufactures Sand Trap Louvers for fresh air intake in HVAC systems, which are designed to separate sand and dust particles at low and medium air velocities thus avoiding excessive dust loading on conventional secondary stage filters. They give excellent performance for air filtration and moderate pressure drops at low air velocities.

Fire Dampers

KAD Air Conditioning is having range of fire damper used in HVAC duct system. These fire dampers are designed taking into consideration of complex HVAC design and human life and safety. These fire dampers from KAD Air Conditioning are designed to protect individual room or zone by sealing of any supply or extract air.

Spiral Ducts

KAD’s spirally round ducting is manufactured from Z-275/G90 galvanized steel coil, complying with DW144 and SMACNA low, medium and high pressure system. It has a smooth interior for low friction losses with the grooved seam entirely on the outside. Available from 100 mm to 1500 mm with standard length of 3 meter, along with the entire range of fittings.

Non Return Dampers

KAD’s Non Return Dampers are designed for automatic shutoff of Individual sections of the air conditioning system. With the fan running, the degree of blade opening is a function of the air velocity. If the fan is turned off, the blade closes automatically. In multi fan installation system this prevents back draught through the non operating fan.

Motorized Fire & Smoke Dampers

KAD Air-Conditioning produces motorized fire damper used in HVAC duct systems. Modern era buildings incorporate highly complex and sophisticated infrastructures and designs. Therefore, the occurrence of fire & smoke may bring serious loss to human life and property if the right controls are not in place.

Our Projects

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