Brief on motorized fire dampers

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Fire Dampers are the barriers to fire and smoke in HVAC ductwork at specific points. Motorized fire dampers prevent the fire flame from spreading from one side of the fire-rated separation to the other side. They work with actuators and are controlled by heat detector signals. 

Purpose of fire dampers is to control the fire in HVAC system, prevent a fire from spreading through the ventilation ducts, and prevent a fire even after the HVAC system is turned off. They are powered with pneumatic actuators because of which the actuators close in case of power failure. 

Motorized fire dampers are crucial to the fire-fighting strategy of any building. They should be made of the best quality raw material and installed well for the purpose to be fulfilled. 

Considering the importance of motorized fire dampers, they need to be inspected and tested regularly. Removal or melting of the fusible link is necessary for the testing of the motorized fire dampers and the damper closes with that. Post the test that exhibits the operation, it is reopened to a new fusible link is attached. It is important that all dampers are tested before a building is leased. These tests should be conducted annual. 

Sometimes the testing can be challenging. Access to fire dampers may be hampered making testing difficult. Since the fusible link needs to be replaced after each testing, it can become difficult. They might be installed many times before they are tested, making the testing difficult. To ensure a proper installation,use of a damper that has not been tested are the only possible solutions to have effective testing.

KAD Air Conditioning manufactures best quality motorized fire dampers. KAD fire dampers are UL listed and are approved by Dubai Civil Defense. It ensures high quality of the raw material and the ready product, an ongoing R&D to make the product better, customization of the product based on client’s needs, highly technical design, competitive pricing and timely deliveries. All these factors makes sure that KAD delivers best motorized fire dampers in the UAE.


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