Understanding volume control dampers

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Volume control dampers, also known as balancing dampers have been designed to balance air to separate individual portions of a room. They come with complete manual quadrant or motorized actuators. Volume control dampers can be fabricated with aluminum, stainless steel or galvanized steel. 

Dampers are meant for systems that need air control. Volume control dampers are meant to control airflow in HVAC units. They help ease the airflow to individual zones. Each room needs to be controlled during testing. The types of blades may be parallel or opposite. These dampers can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Blades should be directed towards airflow direction to mount the damper. Stainless steel blade seals are fitted in the dampers to reduce leakage of air.

As the volume control dampers open and close as per the temperature of the surroundings and a thermostat is very important for proper functioning. 

KAD Air Conditioning is one of the leading volume control damper manufacturers.  KAD ensures that the dampers are fabricated with high grade raw materials using state-of-art technology.

Some of the features of KAD volume control dampers are: 

  • They are available from 100 mm to 1200 mm for a single section. For sizes exceeding 1200 mm, the damper will be fabricated in multi-section with single drive or multiple drives. As needed by the users. 
  • These dampers have pre-punched holes that make it easy to install them. 
  • They are lightweight and the blades are also light. 
  • Blade leakage mechanism is totally enclosed. 

KAD team always works according to market dynamics and the latest technical developments for making high-end products. They understand the customer requirements and try to customize their products based on customer’s needs.


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