Points to be considered while installing Duct Access Doors

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Duct access doors are very important in an Air-Conditioning unit. To ensure regular maintenance of the AC units, it is important to have good quality access doors.  The doors protect the AC units from dust, debris, fire and also ensure proper access to clean the duct. Therefore, it becomes important that due care is taken while installing duct access doors in AC units.

While installing duct access doors, it is important to consider some factors, as they are mentioned ahead.

The design and the requirements of the building where the AC is being put up, need to be considered carefully before the doors are installed. That will help in designing the doors properly and also in helping to choose its material.

The doors should be of the same material as the duct and it should also be of the same thickness. They should fit in properly in the ventilation system. Care should be taken to leave no loose ends.

There should be Cam-Lock system as it assures tight closure. A continuous piano hinges model ensures smooth operation of the duct access doors. While installing duct doors it needs to be ensured that they meet the SMACNA Construction Standard for system up to 2” wg (500 Pa).

The KAD duct access doors turn out to be an extremely cost-effective option because of the materials used, the state-of-the-art technology used to manufacture them, the international quality standards they meet, and their on-time installation and delivery processes and practices.

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