Advantages of AC duct system and its types

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Overview: One of the first and foremost things to consider before installing an AC Duct is the size of the unit required, for the place where it is to be installed. Check whether the unit is running constantly, is it too small and will it cool in very hot weather, does the unit starts and stops frequently, is it too large and will it use a lot of electricity. Therefore, it is important for the client to find out how well the system will serve its purpose.  When it comes to comfort, health and well-being the quality and quantity of air is most important which is why it is crucial to adjust the air flow. A good and well-maintained duct work is an essential part of the system, since leaks can slow the cooling process and can impact efficiency.

Advantages of AC duct system:

  • AC duct system is an energy saving system. Air ducts are one method of ensuring acceptable indoor air quality as well as thermal comfort.
  • These systems improve the indoor air quality and can remove airborne contaminate such as bacteria, fungus, mold spores, and also help to alleviate allergy.
  • Ductwork that is clean and helps to maximize HVAC efficiency so that you enjoy your lower energy bills.
  • The life period and performance of a centralized ducting air cooler depends largely on how well it is maintained. Since the overall system of a centralized ducting air cooler is comparatively simpler, maintenance is easy and cost effective.

There are four kinds of ducts available with KAD Air Conditioning:

  • Galvanized Iron Duct (GI Duct): Galvanized iron (GI) sheets are steel sheets which are basically coated with zinc and include a range of hot dip galvanized and electro-galvanized steel sheets. These sheets have lock-forming quality are used for the manufacturing of standard ducts.
  • Mild Steel Duct (MS Duct): MS ducting is made from the high quality mild steel which contains 0.16 – 0.29% carbon. This composition ensures that the material is neither ductile nor brittle. Because of its inherently fire resistant characteristics they are used for the kitchen exhaust.
  • Stainless Steel Duct (SS Duct): Stainless Steel ducts are mainly used for Kitchen exhaust in exposed to view areas and in the areas where hygiene is considered as the top priority. Stainless Steel ducts have higher strength, rigidity and best finish in comparison with GI ducts.
  • Aluminum Duct (AL Duct): KAD’s Aluminum ducts are fabricated from aluminum sheets of AA1100 / Equal grade of sheets with Hemmed ‘S’ & Drive ‘C’ cleats or FL flanged type transverse joints. They are used in areas such as swimming pool, clean rooms of sensitive/ Industrial films etc.

KAD Air Conditioning is one of the largest distributors of ducting supplies and recognized as one of the most trusted names in Ducting in the Air Conditioning industry across UAE.


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