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Get the prime quality air ducts and air conditioning products here at KAD Air Conditioning!

[City, State] KAD air conditioning is one of the most prominent manufacturers of ducting in the UAE and also specializes in access doors, volume control dampers, AC ducts and other centralized air conditioning duct equipment. KAD Air Conditioning is a subsidiary of Bin Dasmal Group and known for its reliable product quality.

KAD Air Conditioning is an ISO Certified company and specializes in manufacturing Centralized Air-conditioning Duct and Ducting equipment. The company works on the principle of offering its customers a high-quality, customized ducting solution, all of which are delivered to them on time.

It is one of the most prominent air conditioning companies in Dubai and one of the trusted names in Ducting in Air conditioning industry of the UAE. The features of the KAD products are as given below:

  • The products that are offered to their clients are certified and of top-notch quality.
  • The company specializes in a custom made air duct manufacturing process, which makes the ducts impressive in quality.
  • The products are always delivered on time.

The KAD products are examined under the TUV-SUD, UAE for quality management of the systems, HVAC appliances and the supply of ducts. The products of the company are manufactured and delivered correctly and on time. Before you purchase AC Ducts, make sure you check the best quality material provided by the company and KAD Air Conditioning is among the top duct manufacturing companies in UAE.

KAD Air Conditioning manufactures and supplies Centralized Air Conditioning Duct Equipment such as UL Classified Fire Dampers, Motorized Fire & Smoke Dampers, Volume Control Dampers, Access Doors, for various industries and commercial purposes. The company is backed by its professional technical team and marketing team, which makes them to provide prompt response to client’s requirements.

KAD Air Conditioning has been audited for Quality Management Systems by TUV-SUD, UAE for the manufacture and supply of ducts for HVAC systems. The company is specialized in the centralized automated systems for air conditioning and air ducts for air conditioning systems and focuses on the best quality of products for their clients and also makes sure that their quality of services and products do not degrade.

KAD Air Conditioning serves its long list of customers with advanced technology and modern equipments. It also offer complete satisfaction guarantee to their clients that perfectly demonstrates their quality of products with services and solutions.


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