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Accidents are never going to knock at your door, before visiting your place. Due to short circuit or any electrical faults, fire can catch up anytime! What will you do to prevent the fire from spreading to other rooms? Well, the answer is simple! Call up KAD Air Conditioning and book for their fire rated access doors, as your preventive measures. Each door has its own sect of style and model number, with some advanced features. However, the main feature remains the same, and that is to prevent spreading of fire and giving time to call up fire department for help!

Our true friend during distress time

The fire rated access doors are designed to withstand heat and fire burns. Well, each door has a limited time, within which, you need to call up professionals for help. At KAD Air Conditioning, these doors are available in five different variations; insulated, uninsulated, over-sized attic, upward opening and tile ready. Each one of the doors has its different specification, which a change in color and style. Therefore, whether you want to cover your residential areas or commercial units, you can choose any one of the items from the available options.

Know more about the items

The insulated fire rated doors are designed for restricting temperature rise, whenever a fire breaks out. This kind of door offers accessibility through some of the fire rated surfaces. On the other hand, the un-insulated fire doors offer access through some of the openings in fire-rated areas with a minimal sightline. Let’s have a look at a few models of fire rated access doors offered by KAD Air Conditioning such as K-AD-25, K-ADH-25, and K-ADH-C-25. All these models  come with a  frame made with 22 gauge up to 12 gauge galvanized steel sheet of G-90 zinc coating. Also, it is made from two layered skin galvanized steel sheet with fiberglass insulation of 24 to 32 kg/M3 density inside. Also, these doors are provided with Galvanized steel quick release cam-lock for positive closure.  They are available in Aluminium as well as  stainless steel with 2” thick insulation. In the K-ADH-C-25, an additional feature of safety chain is also provided. While in K-ADH-25, continuous piano hinges are provided on one side of the door.

With such a high quality fire rated access doors made with immense precision, you can be assured of the security of your premises.

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