Benefits of air duct insulation

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Overview: Your air conditioning ducts are very essential part of the cooling process for central AC units. The central air conditioning system use ducts to distribute cool air throughout your home or office. Ducts must also be sealed or insulated that ensures that you do not stuck paying high utility bills and stay cool & comfortable during the scorching summer. The duct system has essentially two main air transfer systems, which are, supply and return. The supply side delivers the conditioned air to the home through individual room registers and the return side withdraws inside air and delivers it to the air handler of your central system.

Benefits of air duct insulation:

  • Saves energy: The efficient air AC ducts system transfer warm or cool air from the central conditioning unit to all the rooms & when air ducts pass through unconditioned spaces, they lose most of the heat or coolness from the air they are carrying so the air which finally reaches you is not as warm or cool as required because of the loss due to conduction then, the air duct insulation which plays a major role in preventing this problem and can cause wastage of a whole lot of energy.
  • Environment-friendly: Insulating air ducts are considered environment-friendly because they maintain the desired comfort without spending as much on energy and greatly reduced the carbon percentage that makes them highly beneficial to the environment.
  • Increases comfort: Through conduction more than 20% of energy is wasted on loss of heat or coolness and cannot retain temperature of the air at the same time, the insulated air ducts are better able to retain the temperature they are transporting and thus reduce a lot of energy wastage and make you sitting place much more comfortable than before.
  • Prevents condensation on ducts: If your air ducts become older then they are prone to condensation problems or dripping water, but the air ducts insulation provides a solid cover around the air ducts and prevents the problem.
  • Prevents formation of mold and fungus: Condensation is one of the usual problems with the air ducts & water leaks, moisture can lead to various problems like a growth of fungi, mold, mildew and other microbes. Air duct insulation is greatly beneficial in minimizing condensation around air ducts as well as reduces the chances of mold, mildew or fungus growth in the edge of the duct work.

Looking at the above-mentioned benefits, it is obvious that duct system with insulation can reduce your utility bills & prevents wastage of a whole lot of energy. We are known for our unmatched product quality and quality of service.


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