Why choose KAD Air conditioning Company for your products?

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Overview:  Ducts are the essential equipment that are used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to deliver the quality air and remove the contaminations from the air. The ducts are the crucial components of all conventional heating and air conditioning systems. Air Ducts from KAD Air Conditioning are efficient, uniform and provide draught-free distribution of fresh air without reducing the quality of air.

Below are points which give more priority to KAD Air Conditioning in the market:

  • Certification: KAD Air Conditioning is the one which is certified company and has been audited for Quality Management Systems by TUV-SUD, UAE for the manufacture and supply of ducts for HVAC systems. The company guaranteed the quality service that is certified. The company has several kinds of certifications like:
  • ISO 9001:2015: For Quality Management System by TUV-SUD for the manufacture and supply of ducts for air conditioning systems.
  • UL classified-EMME.R38037: This certification is for UL classified fire damper, motorized fire damper, motorized smoke damper & motorized smoke fire damper.
  • Dubai Civil Defense Certification for the dampers and fire rated ducts.
  • ABU Dhabi Civil Defense Certification for fire dampers.
  • Experience: KAD Air conditioning is well-versed in providing air conditioning duct equipment and its products and was added to the portfolio of Bin Dasmal Group in 2002 as a strategy to further contribute to the of HVAC business activities of the Group. The professional experts of the company provide the best and quality services to their clients and considered as a reputable and trustworthy company.
  • Good customer care and support service: KAD Air Conditioning Company is known for its good customer care service. The staff of the company is very polite and understands the requirement of the clients and then proceeds according to that. We provide clarified answer to all the queries when customers inquire from the customer care desk. With the respectful and understanding attitude of our staff it makes the customers to build trust and make them satisfied about the products.
  • Cost of services: We are the one who provide our customers best services at a correct cost.
  • Availability: We always ensure our customers that our company’s customer support services are working all the time and respond their query whenever they contact them. Our services should be reliable and available 24/7. We believe in quick delivery of services that is our priority and enable customers to carry on with our activities comfortably and save energy bills.

KAD Air Conditioning Company is one of the leading air conditioning companies in Dubai that offers adamant quality ac ducts and other duct equipment with the highest level of customer service.



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