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What is the function of an AC duct?

Air ducts form an integral part of HVAC system. Because a good quality AC duct is required for hot and cold air to move through the building the system is installed in. They also ensure proper ventilation.

If the ducts are not of good quality, the efficiency of the HVAC system can be compromised.

Therefore, it is imperative that AC ducts are chosen keeping in mind where they are installed, the design of the HVAC system, its usage, and the quality assured by the manufacturer.

KAD Air Conditioning is the leading manufacturer of AC ducts in Dubai. We offer different kinds of air ducts. Below are the different materialused to manufacture AC Ducts:

Galvanized Iron Ducts

Hot-dipped galvanized steel sheets of lock-forming quality, are used for AC ducts.

Benefits offered:

  • Prevention of rusting and savings on the cost of painting
  • A high degree of insulation and soundproofing
  • Corrosion resistance and flexibility
  • Longevity

Mild Steel (MS) Ducts

Mild Steel ducts by KAD are fabricated from hot rolled or cold rolled black steel sheets.

Benefits offered:

  • Assurance of leak-proofing.
  • Fire-resistant characteristic that makes it the ideal material for use in kitchen exhausts.

These characteristics can be enhanced by a fire-rated spray coat and also by coating with many layers of red oxide with rock wool insulation that conforms to NFPA 96 standards.


Stainless Steel (SS) Ducts

KAD ensures that its stainless steel ducts are made from SS Sheets of 316 / 304 grades with joints that’re fully welded, longitudinal and transverse. The SS Ducts are round as well as rectangular.

Benefits offered:

  • They can be used in highly corrosive environments. Therefore, they’re mainly used in Kitchen Exhausts.
  • They are made as per NFPA, BS and ASHRE standards.

Aluminium Ducts

Aluminium Ducts can also be made round as well as rectangular.

We make our Aluminium Ducts with Aluminium sheets that’re AA1100 or an equal grade of sheets with Hemmed ‘S’ & Drive ‘C’ cleats or FL flanged type transverse joints.

Benefits offered:

  • Plain ducts with a reflector finish are also made with Aluminium.
  • They can be used in swimming pools, industrial firms etc.

We ensure that all our products undergo a stringent quality check by our team of experts. We firmly believe in best quality products and satisfied customer services.

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