Why dampers are important part of industries?

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Overview: Dampers are essential parts of safety and are basically designed to balance air in each area. Nowadays buildings are constructed with damper placement and installations in mind. Its work is to regulate volumetric flow and pressure and to shut off air ducts and ventilation openings in walls, ceilings or on machinery. Dampers act as a heat barrier and these devices are installed into the ceilings. These dampers protect “fire-rated” ceilings through large openings by diverting the direction of flames and thereby protect the structure of the assembly where a fire occurs. In the same way, dampers provide protection for HVAC systems which penetrates the ceiling membranes of a building. KAD Air Conditioning is specialized in manufacturing reliable control dampers with more features. KAD’s Dampers come in different models K-VCD-AL-100, K-VCD-GI-200, K-VCD-GI-300-RD, and K-VCD-AL-400-M. KAD’s Volume Control Dampers or Balancing Dampers are designed to balance air to individual areas. This unit comes with complete manual quadrant or motorized actuators. Volume Control Dampers can be manufactured with galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum. These dampers are suitable for the systems requiring air control. KAD’s volume control dampers are known for:

  • attractive and robust design
  • are extremely low-maintenance and long service life
  • have streamlined and low-noise blades

Volume Control Damper is used to control air flow in an air duct. This unit comes with complete manual quadrant or motorized actuators. If you know the features of volume control dampers then it will be very easy for you to choose the right damper. Often, the main consideration in choosing a volume damper is its size, and the size of the area where it is to be located. Before searching the market with the perfect damper, find time to measure the room where you intend to place it. The role of a damping plate is fairly straightforward. Its main purpose is to absorb noise and other vibrations so that the engine of the machine can run smoothly and quietly. The damper plate itself lessens these vibrations, which means that it goes through a lot of stress in its lifecycle.

The Volume control dampers help to adjust the air flow volume to the other parts of this duct system. These dampers can easily be fixed within the duct itself and can have an option of automatic or manual. Comprehending with the other electrical loads and maintenance and operations practices and interdependence of HVAC technologies with one another, it is integral to specifying individual HVAC technologies and complete systems. As with lighting, technologies and possible configurations for HVAC systems are vast and varied.

Industrial Dampers are very essential in various places of the ducting system from the boiler to the chimney. They can be used for isolation or flow control. For man-safe operations these different designs can be used to give 100% seal tightness.

KAD Air Conditioning is a leading volume control dampers manufacturer and provides different types of dampers and by installing them; you ensure these dampers that provide safety for the entire building and the people in it.

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