Ducted Air Conditioning Unit vs. Ductless: What’s Best for You?

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Summary: Ducted air conditioning has been popular for quite a long time. However, the ductless air conditioning system has been gaining popularity recently. The two kinds of air conditioning work on different levels and have various benefits.

Ducted Air Conditioning: Explained!

Ducted air conditioning is one of the most common forms of air conditioning. This system is also called the centralized AC system. The process of air conditioning works through the centralized system, and the air is transferred through the air ducts. The network of air ducts is installed throughout the building, and the air is given out through openings at the end of the air ducts.

Ductless Air Conditioning: Explained!

Ductless air conditioning has been gaining popularity recently. This system is also called as a mini-split system. The system is based on an entirely different principle than the central air conditioning system or the single unit AC system.

This air conditioning system gives out air through blowers and small fixtures installed for this specific purpose. The blower handlers are mounted inside the walls of the building and are spread across the entire place.

When is a Ducted Air Conditioning Unit a Good Option?

A ducted air conditioning would be a feasible option if:

  • You already have ducts installed in your building.
  • Along with that, you have Air Conditioning Ducting Supplies lying around.
  • Your main aim is to minimize maintenance costs.

When is a Ductless Air Conditioning Unit a Good Option?

The option of ductless air conditioning would work for you if:

  • You do not have space for adding air ducts.
  • There is a dust problem.
  • The rooms have different requirements.

How to know which is the correct choice?

The choice between a singular unit and a ductless air system can be based easily on your requirement. Weigh all your options wisely and consult a professional, if you must, before making a choice.

KAD Air Conditioning and its Products

KAD Air conditioning is a subsidiary of the Bin Dasmal Group. KAD air conditioning is strictly incorporated to provide air conditioning ducts and air conditioning ducting supplies to its local and international customers.

The choice of ductless and ducted air conditioning has fazed many customers. However, the confusion can be easily removed by checking your building’s structure and installing the system which compliments your building’s architecture.


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