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Overview: When we talk about ductwork, this means we are talking about air conditioning ducting supplies that are used for air conditioning unit. KAD Air Conditioning aims to provide ducting supplies that you require for your project or for your business whether it is small or large scale. For new constructions, ducts can be placed within the conditioned space. Duct efficiency of 100% is possible when no hidden leakage path is left to the outside.

The Company makes sure to consider few factors to maintain quality as well as customer satisfaction.

  • The KAD Air Conditioning ducts’ are as per customer’s requirement.
  • All the ducts are available in various grades and thicknesses.
  • All duct pieces are identified with tags to ensure correct and immediate installation at site.

Generally, there are four kinds of ducts available:

  • Galvanized Iron Duct (GI Duct): Galvanized Iron (GI) Ducts are manufactured from the finest grade of material as well as all the accessories that are fittings, attachments, and components that too are made with superior quality and with cutting edge technology. The quality controllers of our company check each and every detail of the products with well-defined quality parameters. The range of galvanized duct also supplies with sound proofing and high degree insulation. These galvanized steel sheets comes with lock-forming quality are used for the manufacturing of standard ducts.
  • Mild Steel Duct (MS Duct): These ducts are manufactured from hot rolled or cold rolled black steel sheets with fully welded construction to achieve leak proofing. It is made from the highest quality mild steel which contains 0.16 – 0.29% carbon. It means it ensures that the material is neither ductile nor fragile. Because of it’s inherently fire resistance characteristics it is widely used for the kitchen exhaust.
  • Stainless Steel Duct (SS Duct): These stainless steel ducts are manufactured from prime SS sheets of 316 / 304 grades with fully welded longitudinal and transverse joints. These ducts are widely used for kitchen exhaust in the areas where hygiene is very important and in the areas of highly corrosive environments. It is known for its corrosion resistant characteristic.
  • Aluminum Duct (AL Duct): KAD is well-versed in manufacturing aluminum ducts. These ducts are fabricated from aluminum sheets of AA1100 / Equal grade of sheets with Hemmed ‘S’ & Drive ‘C’ cleats or FL flanged type transverse joints. These are also widely used in areas such as swimming pool, clean rooms of sensitive/industrial films etc.

We are one of the largest distributors of air conditioning ducting supplies in the UAE and one of the most trusted and renowned names in air conditioning industry of the UAE.


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