Essential tips for reliable ductwork designs!

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The air ducts are mainly responsible for regulating the circulation of air in buildings. The ductwork is used in controlling the internal environment of a building and AC ductwork can find applications in both industries as well as in buildings. The air conditioning ducts could be made from different materials like galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum. This type of material is used to build the ducts depends on the requirement of the occupants. The air that is sent through ducts from one central location to another location heat and cool all areas of your place.  All places are air conditioned uniformly at the same temperature settings. Ducted provides uniform air conditioning for large open environments such as libraries, public facilities, and large retail stores. Air Conditioning Companies in Dubai gives you the essential tips to protect your Air Conditioning system to avoid unnecessary AC Repairs.

If your ductwork is poor in design then you have to face some crucial consequences like:

  • Hot and cold spots, drafts and stuffy air in your space due to impeded air flow.
  • Unbalanced air pressure that causes odors to linger, doors to slam by themselves and distracting levels of noise in your space.
  • Bad air quality that exposes the occupants of your space to increased levels of dust, pollutants, fumes, and even mold growth from too much humidity.
  • Extra wear and tear on your air conditioner as it requires running longer and working harder to compensate for flaws in the ductwork design, leading to more breakdowns and shorter equipment life.

Essential tips for good ductwork designs:

  • Choose the best location for your HVAC equipment and ducts: Appropriate arrangement of HVAC equipment should be centrally located in the space to allow for the shortest possible duct runs. Ducts should be located in internal walls and ceilings to minimize the loss of conditioned air. Avoid installing ducts in attics and unconditioned crawl spaces for maximum efficiency.
  • Use the right materials, fittings and supports: Depending on the requirements and the budget the ductwork can vary and make sure that your installer uses the right materials for your requirements. Flexible ducts are easier to install and are strong and robust as sheet metal.
  • Ensure proper ductwork sealing: When duct joints are not appropriately sealed then 20% of your conditioned air can be lost. For the longer period of time air is in the ducts and so more can escape through leaky joints. Make sure that your duct joints are sealed with mastic gum or metal-backed tape to prevent leaks.
  • Consider your equipment type and supporting systems: There are certain types of air conditioning systems like heat pumps that require larger ducts and if your system includes air purifiers with activated charcoal filters, these affect air flow efficiently and may require larger ducts or additional air returns.

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