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Fire dampers are most popular mechanical devices which are utilized to block and stop the fast spread of fire and smoke. They additionally stop the spread of another sort of concoction burnable items through openings inside rooms or a building. The vast majority of them are given four or six hours of fire integrated ratings, and these dampers can be useful for the disposal of flame caused by short circuit also. KAD Air Conditioning brings to you a range of superior quality UL fire damper to stop the spread fire inside ducts or individual rooms.

Fire damper keeps the spread of flame and smoke through the ventilation ducts. In case of fire, they are moved into security position (shut) by methods for the spring energy of the flame damper actuator:

  • When the working temperature is surpassed in the conduit or in the environment.
  • In case of air conditioning plant shutdown.

Distinctive features of specialized UL fire dampers:

  • Fire dampers are known for the simplicity and assortment in designs, and tight and fabricating resistance.
  • The stacks of the blades can be re-balanced from both sides of the damper.
  • The roll confined sharp edges commonly have a repeatable quality and the edges are bolted by a coordinated interlocking system.
  • These fire dampers are always ideal for the multi-module sort of installations.
  • The mounting angles of the fire dampers can be balanced, so the spread of air can become possible in the maximum directions as and when needed.

Incredible benefits of UL fire damper:

  • The spread of smoke and flame inside the building through ventilation ducts must be averted.
  • Considerable reduction of fire load inside the building.
  • Fast actuation through the flame detection system gives assurance against the spread of cool smoke.
  • Reduces costs amid the operation of the building.
  • Reduces the warm effects on structural components during a fire.
  • Cools the flame compartment and delays and forestall ensuing development of flame.

KAD Air-Conditioning is having range of fire damper used in HVAC duct system. Modern era building incorporates highly complex and sophisticated infrastructure and design & occurrence of fire may bring serious loss to human life, property and waste valuable time and efforts of many people involved. KAD Air Conditioning range of fire dampers are designed taking into consideration of complex HVAC design and human life and safety. KAD Air Conditioning ranges of fire damper are designed to protect individual room or zone by sealing of any supply or extract air.

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