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Find the best quality air ducts and air conditioning products here at KAD Air Conditioning

KAD air conditioning is one of the largest and leading AC Ducts Manufacturers which also specializes in access doors, volume control dampers, etc.

KAD air conditioning is a part of Bin Dasmal Group Company. KAD is also knows like other companies of the group, is known for its unmatched product quality and quality of service. KAD air conditioning works all year round and will provide service to you at any time, in any place in UAE.

The company has made a name for itself in the area of manufacturing and distributing air ducts in Dubai and UAE. Although the company is one of the largest AC Ducts Manufacturers, the KAD air conditioning also provides many variants of other devices which are helpful in MEP control.

The features of the KAD products are as given below:

  • The products are high in quality.
  • This company specializes in a custom made air duct manufacturing process, which makes the ducts impressive in quality.
  • The products are always delivered on time.

The KAD manufactures and distributors work on the same principle as the other companies of the same group. The company makes use of the things it has and gives you the best air duct solutions and services in the UAE. Apart from this, the company, if asked to, will also install these products hassle-free for their customers. KAD always delivers their work on time and will make sure that the quality of the product is not hampered.

The KAD products are audited under the TUV-SUD, UAE for quality management of the systems, HVAC appliances and the supply of ducts. The products of the company are managed and delivered correctly and on time.

About the Company: KAD air conditioning was incorporated in the year 2002. KAD specializes in the centralized automated systems for air conditioning and air ducts for air conditioning systems. The company is a part of the Bin Dasmal Group, which focuses on the distribution of the best quality of products for their consumers, local and international alike. Along with this, the company makes sure that the quality of their services and products does not degrade.


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