Finest Method to Integrate Fire Protection in an HVAC System

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Fire dampers are installed for openings in those walls that are fire rated, and for every opening in the shafts or slabs. These dampers are recommended for any kind of ducting solutions through the wall to avoid the damage of fire from spreading into other spaces through air ducts. These dampers are also used to avoid the damage to other air conditioning equipment. At KAD Air Conditioning, we offer a variety of air conditioning equipment and accessories ranging from fire dampers, smoke dampers, and other ducting solutions. These ducts are designed to protect industrial, commercial and residential zones by sealing of any supply or extract air.

Fire Dampers- The fire damper uses a fusible device or a melting link that will force the damper to shut down once it reaches its melting point. The link helps to hold the blades open, up until that moment arrives when there is any expose to fire. They serve to stop the flow of air and also eliminate and the spread of fire. Thus, these dampers stop the passing of fire throughout the building and eventually integrate fire protection in an air conditioner. These can also be available in certain type or multiple blade type. KAD Air Conditioning has a range of fire dampers used in HVAC systems which are designed to protect individual room by sealing it to prevent any supply of air.

Smoke Dampers- Smoke Dampers are specifically to stop the passage of both smoke and air. These systems work by detecting the presence of smoke and not allowing it to pass through heating and ventilation systems. These detectors are placed near or adjacent to smoke barriers and can be placed in the duct directly. Also, there is a system that works both as smoke and fire damper. Upon detecting the presence of smoke and heat, these links close up. They determine the intensity of heat and are available with fusible links. Their main purpose is to prevent gasses, smokes, and flames from spreading throughout the building. KAD Air Conditioning has the best range of smoke dampers for these purposes. The range includes products like K -FD -15,  K -FD -15 and K -FD -15 -A/B -36.

Conclusion- With every heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, life safety systems are also required. Moreover, there should be a very dedicated wiring connection associated with the fire alarm system. This fire alarm system is the most important trick to integrate fire protection in any HVAC system. Smoke and fire dampers can also be activated by the smoke detection system or fire sprinkler system. A common method of activation can be used for fire sprinkler system. KAD Air Conditioning offers a range of fire and smoke dampers that are designed taking into consideration of complex HVAC design and safety requirements.


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