Fire Rated Access Doors – For Security Purpose

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Fire rated access doors are designed to maintain a fire barrier wall. However they are constructed with heavy materials like metal, glass, steel, timber and vermiculite boards. Most fire doors are produced using the combination of various materials. Fire rated doors are made to be fire resistant, thus they can hold back fire for a certain period of time.

The fire rated doors are the conventional doors that mainly serve to delay the spread of fire. Aside from their ability to resist high temperature, the doors are guaranteed for complete protection. Fire doors are manufactured to extremely high standard. However the working condition of the fire rated access depend on what type of quality the customer opt for. It truly depends on the purpose as well as the area where you install the fire rated doors.

These doors help to control the spread of fire or smoke from one compartment to another when the doors are closed. The materials used by KAD Air Conditioning in manufacturing fire rated access doors are also corrosion resistant. This makes the product more durable as well as suitable for the task for which they are made.

Along with fire rated access doors, KAD is into manufacturing GI ducts with industrial specialization and high standards.

GI duct manufacturers offer complete turnkey services in designing, supplying, manufacturing and installing of ventilation products. The manufacturers equipped to produce and fabricate various GI ducting products. Ducts form a medium through which a conditioned air is transferred ensuring suitable thermal comfort. Here are some types of ducts listed below:

Rectangular GI Ducts:
This type is used to meet the most stringent HVAC specifications and quality standards.

• Mild Steel Ducts:
These ducts are used owing to its inherent fire resistant characteristics. They are made from high quality mild steel.

• Stainless Steel Ducts:
Useful for large manufacturing companies which calls for its specialized use in industrialized applications.

• Aluminum Ducts:
This lightweight malleable and corrosion resistant metal used as cladding on exposed rectangular ducts.

The ducts are manufactured with the material that increase their durability in performing. Thus you can install the duct ventilation equipment that have sturdy and fine look as well as long lasting property. GI duct manufacturers are providing latest technology ducts for installing latest ventilation machines.

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