Fire and Smoke Damper: The Best Passive and Protective Device for Blocking the Spread of Fire and Smoke

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An HVAC system is comprised of several components that lead to the perfect performance of the system. With such vital elements, the components must be ensured to be of a high-grade material with the best durability feature.

What are these fire and smoke dampers?

Among the many components constituting the HVAC system, fire and smoke dampers are considered to be one of the important ones. Instead of installing the fire dampers and smoke dampers separately, it is advised to install the fire and smoke dampers with combination in the ducting system of the HVAC system. These helpfully block the fire as well as smoke from spreading in the ducting system.

Get high quality fire and smoke dampers at KAD Air Conditioning

KAD Air Conditioning is the top leading manufacturer in UAE who manufactures the exclusively blended fire and smoke dampers. We manufacture this equipment following the UL standards prescribed for safety.

These fire dampers are used in HVAC penetrations on the wall, floor, or even the ceiling. These fire and smoke dampers protect the HVAC system and sections of the rooms from spread of fire.

Fire and smoke dampers are impressively effective

KAD Air Conditioning manufactures this equipment using the best engineering so that it would close when the sensor detects the heat or smoke. This inevitably seals the opening and blocks the fire and smoke from spreading through the ducting system. The fire and smoke dampers are available with electric heat release device.

The fusible links used in the fire dampers are excluded from this device. The electric release used in this device is resettable, and also, it allows the damper to get closed in a controlled manner. This closes the damper smoothly rather than slamming it as slamming creates pressure issues on the HVAC system.

Why from us?

We design this equipment to yield high performance. We design such products to make them energy efficient. These are certified to be high performing and to be installed in the HVAC system in a precise way.

At KAD Air Conditioning, one can find several of models of the fire and smoke damper. This is the best equipment that protects the people from the spread of unpredicted fire and smoke in the rooms as well as the ducts.

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