Functions and importance of motorized fire damper

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Overview:  Motorized fire dampers are designed to be installed in HVAC ductwork at locations that are designated as fire barrier or fire & smoke barrier. It prevents the spread of fire or smoke inside residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Motorized Fire Damper prevents the passage of flame from one side of a fire rated separation to the other and will be functioning with the help of actuators with either an electric or pneumatic actuator. They are controlled by heat detector signal, fire alarm or some other building control system.

Functions of motorized fire damper:

  • The function of motorized fire damper is to regulate the flow of air inside the air handling equipment.
  • The damper prevents the spread of fire and smoke through the ventilation ducts.
  • In case of fire, they are moved into safety position by means of the fire damper actuator like:
  • In the environment, when the operating temperature is exceeded in the duct.
  • When triggered by smoke detector or in the event of power failure.
  • From smaller buildings to larger buildings it has complete control solutions from single source.
  • Its protective closing reduces the wear on the damper mechanism and the stress on the air duct system.

Importance of motorized fire damper:

  • Motorized fire damper has been designed to ensure efficient, effective and reliable operation.
  • The dampers effectively isolate fire zones; ensuring fire fighting access routes are clear of fire and smoke and in case of HVAC system turned off, these dampers still offer protection against the spread of fire and smoke.
  • During fire, the thermal fusible link automatically closes damper in response to high temperatures in immediate vicinity.
  • During power failure dampers that are equipped with pneumatic actuator returns the damper to closed position.
  • For remote monitoring the damper and regular testing of the damper function should be connected to a central control.
  • The motorized fire dampers can form part of a “Fire strategy” and use to ventilate pressurized escape routes.

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