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Air ducts are considered as the most vital part of an air conditioning system. As per different applications, various air ducts are available in the market. But it has been observed that, maximum clients prefer to install the stainless steel ducts for their air conditioning systems.

Leading Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Ducts in UAE

There is a great demand for stainless steel ducts in the Middle East market. Well, the reason is pretty simple – high performance and productivity. There is always good amount for the best products, and that same theory is also maintained with stainless steel ducts.

In order to fulfill the rising demands of the clients, a number of manufacturing companies are dealing with high quality stainless steel ducts. KAD air conditioning is considered as one of the best dealer of stainless steel ducting supplies in UAE. Since a long time, it has been fulfilling the ducting requirements of the clients all throughout UAE.

KAD Air Conditioning is an ISO certified company and thus, all the stainless steel ducts are manufactured and maintained with proper international standards. Also, the products are highly tested and inspected efficiently, before being delivered to the clients. The stainless steel ducts are mainly fabricated from the high quality stainless steel sheets of grades 316 and 304.
In order to ensure proper sealing and air tight surrounding, there are welded with transverse and longitudinal joints. The most attractive fact about stainless steel ducts is they offer high resistance to corrosion and abrasion related issues. Thus, the weather related risks are highly reduced.

Important Facts about Stainless Steel Ducts

KAD designs these ducts with great flexibility in order to ease the installation and maintenance services. As compared to other air ducts, stainless steel ducts require very less amount of maintenance works. There is no chance of moisture and moulds inside the stainless steel ducts, thus the longevity of these ducts is also enhanced.

Thus, these are highly preferred in the food processing plants and in the kitchen exhausts. In order to ensure proper occupational safety, these ducts are manufactured as per ASHRE, BS, and NFPA standards. These ducts also feature a great amount of strength and rigidity as compared to other air ducts available in the industry.

Thus, it is highly recommended to consider the features of stainless steel ducts from KAD Air Conditioning, as it is considered as one of the best dealer of stainless steel ducting supplier in UAE.

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