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Every type of duct system is made to meet the needs of modern buildings. Hence there is nothing like the best duct system. It is the way you select the duct system that makes it best for your home. At present, most of the people prefer stainless steel ducting system from KAD Air Conditioning, known among the reputed stainless steel ducting suppliers.

Customized designs

Most of the people simply think that one type of duct system fits all type of needs. But, this isn’t the case. Every structure is different and needs ducts customized to meet with its unique design. Keep in mind that there is no pre-developed or prefabricated duct system that can simply drop to the home and integrate with heater or air conditioner system. KAD being the reputed HVAC system manufacturers and suppliers work with you to design and develop the perfect stainless steel duct system with sealed passages to assure the free flow of air to vents from the system without losing the pressure.

Manufacturing process

At KAD, our manufacturing experts select high quality stainless steel sheets to assure long life for the duct systems. Our sophisticated manufacturing units with an experienced team of manufacturing experts are always ready to meet the HVAC system needs of customers. The manufacturing process is made in accordance with the set standards of the industry. Our quality control team checks for the quality of the duct system at each level of manufacturing. Utmost importance is given to quality and perfection right from the selection of SS sheets to final welding of longitudinal and transverse joints.

Important features of stainless steel duct systems

  • Long life with simple maintenance
  • Resistance to extreme cold and heat
  • Super strength to assure maximum durability
  • Easy to install and connect to the related systems
  • Really affordable when compared with the quality
  • Available in different shapes including round and rectangle

Role of KAD

Experts of KAD Air Conditioning will inspect your building to design and develop best matching duct system based on the functional and infrastructure of your rooms. The experts will provide you with useful suggestions and recommendations on your SS ducting system. Once you are comfortable with the size and model of the duct system, the rest of the work starts from our manufacturing units. Our years of experience help us to complete your duct system manufacturing process within the time to assure a smooth supply of air to your home or office.


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