How is Spiral Duct Made?

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Spiral ducts are typically made from galvanized steels and aluminum. It is one of the most popular choice and best option when it comes to duct construction. The main usage of spiral duct is the delivery and removal of air in both commercial and residential buildings. They are highly versatile and provides efficient air movement and minimal leakage. It is also a relatively inexpensive ductwork model which provides an aesthetic appeal to the place.

 The Main materials used in the assembly of spiral ducts are as follows:

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is that the common material used for ductwork. Galvanized steel is right for ductwork because it is corrosion resistant and have the ability to withstand higher temperatures.


Aluminum sheet is used for ductwork due to its high strength and lightweight weight. Lightweight pieces of duct can span longer distances without any supports. They are also flexible, which suggests that it can be often stretched and bent multiple times, but will still hold an airtight seal.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel ductwork is used more frequently in laboratories thanks to its sanitary benefits. They are also corrosion resistant and can withstand chemical substances. It also has greater strength than aluminum and is abrasion resistant.

The Spiral Duct Manufacturing Process

There are three parts to the spiral duct process. The first part starts with the mill and the making of the raw steel. The second part consists of receiving coils from the mills and processing them into slit coils. Slit coils are narrower coils and are cut from a bigger master coil. These slit coils are then sent to the customers as per the specified specifications and are then processed into spiral duct. The Spiral Duct Fabrication is the third and final part.

Once a customer receives the slit coil, it is placed on an uncoiler and sent through a rough leveler to flatten the fabric. It is then sent through a foothold trimmer and fabricated. It is then cut from the machine at the specified length, inspected, tested, and sent to get installed.

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