Importance of Air Conditioner Ducts, their Growing Standard, and Safety Measures

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Stainless Steel ducts are considered the most preferred duct materials. In fact, these are even preferred over the galvanised iron ducts due to their greater strength. Well, if you are looking for the best stainless steel ducts, the ones those are fabricated out from 316/304 grades, having fully welded longitudinal and transverse joints are good options.

Being one of the leading SS duct manufacturers, we at KAD always maintain the standard as cited above. In fact, here you can find both rectangular as well as the rounded stainless steel ducts at one place.

Improved technology and standard:

Improved technology is certainly one of the prominent reasons behind growing quality of the stainless steels in modern times. Moreover, the top SS duct manufacturers like KAD Air Conditioning always employ only the most experienced professionals to come up with best design and functionality.

Well, irrespective of the manufacturer you go with, it is important to make sure that it follows the NFPA, BS and ASHRE standards thoroughly while manufacturing the stainless steel ducts. Stainless steel ducts are mostly preferred to be used with the kitchen exhausts. Especially, these materials are highly preferred for the greater hygiene conditions or where the threats of corrosion are comparatively high.

Apart from stainless steel ducts, the Mild Steel ducts and aluminum ducts are also quite in use for various purposes. Talking of Mild Steel ducts, those fabricated from hot rolled or cold rolled black steels are preferred the most.

Moreover, ensure that these ducts possess thoroughly welded construction for the highest level of leak proof. Mild Steel ducts are also quite favoured to be used with the kitchen exhausts. These steels are known for their fire preventive characteristics.

Ensuring best fire safety:

Counted among the leading SS duct manufacturers, KAD Air Conditioning improves the fire resistive property of these steels with the help of the fire rated spray coats. In addition, these are also desired to be painted with multiple coats of Red Oxide. When it comes to the fire safety while using the HVAC systems, best quality fire dampers are essential to be used.

While considering the high-end architecture of the modern buildings, the best quality fire damper is essential to avoid loss of property or valuable life. In fact, the modern day fire dampers are designed to assure complete safety of each individual room or any specific zone. The high-end fire dampers from KAD Air Conditioning, a leading manufacturer can facilitate the best outcome by providing complete sealing of any inlet or outlet of air.


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