How Important are Fire Dampers for Safety of People and Property?

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The threat of fire is prevailing everywhere, and the need to get protection from it is often ignored badly. In fact, there is no total protection from fire to several buildings and structures. One simply cannot predict when a fire will be caught and due to which medium. A fire can destruct everything that comes in its way, and after the fire is controlled, repair and maintenance become a daunting task. Besides, there is a loss of life, injuries to the people and the loss of property that can cost you very dearly.

Fire dampers thus become very necessary in all structures and buildings, particularly in public places and crowded areas where escaping also can be difficult. By using a UL Classified fire dampers from KAD Air Conditioning, one can control the risk of spread of fire as the products from the company are built with high standards and maintaining the right grades and quality needed for all types of structures. Renowned expert AC duct manufacturer – KAD Air Conditioning always emphasizes the importance of fire dampers and help in the installation as well.

How can fire dampers help?

At KAD Air Conditioning, the fire dampers are mostly constructed of galvanized steel and are installed within the ventilation system to prevent the spread of fire. When there is a rise in temperature, the fire damper shuts itself and prevents any spread of fire to the other compartments. It works even before the fire has been caught. This helps in preventing huge damages to property and humans. Fire dampers from KAD Air Conditioning buy time to evacuate the building as there are features that will help to protect people from the spread of fire immediately. It also saves people from the sort of noxious smoke and gasses which are very dangerous which are released from early stages of fire.

Known among the leading AC duct manufacturers, KAD Air Conditioning manufacture different kinds of fire dampers according to where they will be fitted. However, commonly they are fitted in ventilation systems and are made of galvanized steel that comes with spring loaded swing shut door. Choose according to the need and the equipment used and the capacity of the fire damper. Beyond this, it is important to inspect the fire dampers regularly for the maintenance and repairs. They need to be kept in good working conditions so that they function well when needed.

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