Installing Access Doors can Enhance the Flow of Air in a Ducting System

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The access doors are considered as the most helpful ducting equipment, which maintains a bridge in between the ducting paths and the walls. By installing an access door in the ducting system, it is feasible to have an easy entry to the ducting paths. It has been observed that, due to irregular cleaning habits and maintenance works, a lot of problems arise in the ducting system.

The dust particles get stuck with the ducting panels and walls. Thus the flow of air is highly hampered. But by installing the access doors, it is pretty easy to perform the maintenance and cleaning works. There is a great demand for access doors in the Middle East countries. A number of companies are dealing with the manufacturing and sales of access doors, in order to fulfill the demands of the clients.

KAD air conditioning is one of the leading dealers of fire rated access doors in UAE. KAD air conditioning understood the rising demands for access doors in the Middle East regions, and thus started to deal with access doors. In order to provide the best quality access doors to the clients, KAD uses the most efficient raw materials along with cutting edge technology.
Since a long time, it has been handling both manufacturing and supply of access doors all throughout the UAE. It has effectively managed to grab a good market share in the air conditioning industry. Each client, who opt for a ducting system, prefers to install an access door of KAD air conditioning. The efficient engineers and technicians of KAD first understand the need of the clients, and according to that, manufactures the access doors.

Being an efficient manufacturer of fire rated access doors; KAD highly values the investments of the client. Thus, it provides the best possible features with the access doors. In order to ensure tight closure in the ducting paths, the access doors are maintained with Cam lock system. The access doors are fabricated with insulated plated steel cam fastener and along with piano hinges in order to maintain the overall operation in a smooth manner.

In order to enhance the occupational safety, access doors are manufactured as per SMANCA construction standards. As per the experts, the access doors are considered as the most effective and economical way to conduct the maintenance works efficiently.

Thus, it will be an amazing decision to install the access doors of KAD in the ducting system.


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