Introduction to Volume Control Damper and their Use for Ventilation Purpose

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KAD, being the leading volume control damper manufacturers design products to provide positive control airflow within ventilation and air conditioning systems. Here are some features of volume control dampers:

• Lightweight blade and frame construction

• Opposed aerofoil blade operation

• All operating gear out of ducted airway

• Blade position indicator

• Fully enclosed blade linkage mechanism

• Folded edge flanges for clamp and sealing strips

• Stainless steel side seal gaskets

• Adjustability characteristics

• Flanged version supplied with elongated bolt holes

The range is constructed with high quality material for better performance. This ventilation tools balance the airflow in your home.KAD Air Conditioning is the one name among the volume control damper manufacturers that provide ideal solutions with excellent general purpose.

Along with high quality volume control dampers, these leading access door manufacturers are providing high quality equipment that are used for walls, ceilings, roof hatches and for various other applications. Find the different type of access doors manufactured by KAD:

Fire rated doors: The fire rated doors are designed to maintain a fire barrier wall.

Specialty Doors: These doors are mounted on all categories of walls and ceilings.

Duct Doors: Duct access doors are used for low, medium and high pressure systems.

Access doors manufacturers are intensely involved in designing attractive whilst functional doors for ventilation purpose. These products are manufactured by KAD Air Conditioning with double skin galvanized steel for easy installation as well as to provide a higher level of security.

Is it necessary to install the access doors?

Access doors is the good investment for ventilation purpose. The benefits of using the access doors depends on how people make use of them in their home or office. They also vary from the material used for manufacturing ducts. The access doors have the ability to resist the high temperature. The doors are more durable and are said to the good investment in installing such equipment in your home or office as a safety measure.

Access doors and volume control dampers are the ideal purchase for providing security and ventilation in equal measures. Manufacturers are providing complete range of HVAC dampers and air control products. The doors are easy to operate and maintain as well as are highly effective and convenient for every homes. The manufacturing companies are committed to customer satisfaction.

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