KAD Air Conditioning Air Ducts are Quality Proven Against All Air Flow Defects

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Ducts form the important base of any HVAC system. Thus any damage to these ducts can cause weak heating of air flow as well as other problems. There can be multiple causes of this problem such as improper rooting, cramping, crushing or any excessive bends, etc.

KAD Air Conditioning ensures that the manufactured AC ducts at its facility do not have common defects such as crimping of flex duct, disconnected ductwork, wear and tear of ductwork, malfunctioning of return air and too much elongation of ductwork.

Some other causes of weak heat flow

If the air conditioning equipment is returning very low or no cool air that means somewhere deep inside, the ducts are full of dirt and debris. Unless they are cleaned periodically, they can cause various problems such as developing hot spots inside the air conditioner, drawing more power from the supply, etc.

Another big issue is the wear and tear of duct frames. This happens mainly because of poor material selection. KAD Air Conditioning understands the necessity of good quality which is why it makes use of good judging skill while selecting materials for AC ducts.  For instance, we employ hot-dipped galvanized steel sheets of lock-forming quality for manufacturing Galvanised Iron (GI) ducts.

If it is an MS duct and is brittle or ductile, it gets easily roughed and breaks from the weak parts very quickly. Therefore steel of manufactured MS ducts must contain 0.16 to 0.29 % of carbon to ensure a good robust composition.

Rusting or environment deterioration is another common problem that every duct go through. To shield the ducts against environment and weather degradation, they must be painted with multiple coats Red oxide along with Rock wool insulation conforming to NFPA 96 standards.

Many A/C ducts manufacturers do not employ quality stainless steels (SS) sheets while manufacturing SS ducts but KAD Air Conditioning does. It uses high grading 304/316 series premium SS sheets for its manufacturing. A 304 grade sheet consists of 18% chromium and 8% nickel whereas 316 series contains 16% chromium, 10% nickel, and 2% molybdenum.

AC ducts are the important aspect of HVAC systems and therefore should be purchased from a reliable manufacturer and supplier like KAD Air Conditioning who takes pride in constantly meeting the demands of clients by manufacturing quality air conditioning duct and ducting equipment since its inception from the year 2002. The company is also ISO certified and regarded as one of the best A/C Ducts Manufacturer in the entire Middle East.


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