KAD Air Conditioning: the Best Manufacturer of Ducting Accessories in Dubai

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Ducting accessories and products are one of the most important components used in the air conditioning systems. These products are mainly used to enhance the functioning of heavy HVAC systems. The overall flow of air in the HVAC system is managed by these ducting products. Thus, there is a huge demand for ducting accessories all over the world.

KAD Air conditioning is one of the leading air conditioning companies in Dubai. It has been manufacturing high quality ducting accessories for a long time and has also earned a good reputation in the market. The clients from different parts of the world appreciate the ducting products of KAD Air conditioning.

It mainly manufactures the following varieties of Ducting Products for its clients:

Motorized Fire and Smoke Damper –

An efficient motor is attached with the fire and smoke damper in order to avoid the loss of life and property. In complex HVAC systems, it is mandatory to use these motorized fire and smoke dampers. KAD Air Conditioning manufactures these units as per different safety standards.

Fire Dampers –

These dampers mainly seal the supply of air into different chambers at the time of the fire. These units of KAD are UL certified and civil defence approved. These are mainly used in the HVAC duct system, for complex infrastructure designs.

Sound Attenuators –

In order to reduce high capacity noise in the ducts, these sound attenuators are highly used in the HVAC duct systems. These attenuators are designed in a unique way to achieve low-pressure drops and amazing aerodynamic features.

Louvers –

These are used as filters as these units, separate the sand and dusts from the air flowing at low velocities. The dust is separated at the first stage itself. Thus there is no extra pressure on the second stage filtration process.

Access Doors –

These doors are the best way to grab an access to the ducting works lying behind the walls. By just opening these doors, easy access to the duct works is maintained. These units are manufactured as per SMANCA standards.

Volume Control Damper –

These units are designed to maintain the flow of air into different chambers. These units are equipped with either motorized actuators or manual quadrant as per the requirement of the clients.

KAD Air Conditioning is considered among the top air conditioning companies in Dubai as it manufactures a wide range of high quality ducting solutions. All the products are manufactured using best raw material and according to the industry standards. Also, it has the facility to provide customized ducting products to cater to the demand of its clients.


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