KAD Air Conditioning is the Best Motorized Smoke Fire Damper Manufacturer Globally

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We KAD air conditioning are considered as one of the supreme forces in the air conditioning market. As a motorized smoke fire damper manufacturer, we have given our best to satisfy our prospective as well as existing customers to the best of our capabilities.

We at KAD Air Conditioning have a great ability to manufacture different models of motorized smoke fire dampers. We have talented and supreme individuals who have repeatedly given their best to meet the standards of our industry. Apart from that, we are catering to customers present all over the world. We also manufacture different types of dampers, and this makes us extremely unique when compared to our competitors.

Models for specific uses

Each model manufactured by us serves a different purpose. Below are some of the models manufactured by KAD Air Conditioning:

1. The model K-FD-15

This model is particularly used for the isolation of various duct penetrators. This is particularly done in between the fire compartments. The fire dampers consist of a fire-resistant damper blade, housing, and a well-established release mechanism. The casing of this model is made of a good quality galvanized steel, and the damper blade is made out of a special material used for insulating. The push rod is stainless steel and the same can be said about the damper blade shaft.

2. The model K-FD-15-36

This model complies with the UL555S and the UL 555 standards. Such a model typically has a fire rating of around one and a half hours which is actually great. The frame is made of around 18 gauge of stainless or galvanized steel. There are two stainless steel coil springs. The installation can be done vertically only.

3. The model K-FD-11

Just like the above-mentioned model, even this model complies with the UL55S and UL555 standards. The installation of this model can be done both horizontally as well as vertically. There are also many options available in terms of size for the purpose of installation and sleeve.

4. K-MSFD-300

This model also complies with the required standards. One distinguishable difference is that it has a fire rate of 3 hours and also comprises of both dynamic and a static system. The operation is available in both parallel blade as well as an opposed blade.

KAD Air Conditioning is a motorized smoke fire damper manufacturer that duly manufactures these models as well as some other models which can be seen under product section.

We at KAD Air Conditioning are one of the most prominent manufacturers as far as smoke fire dampers are concerned. We offer high quality and customized solutions to our customers. We are an ISO certified company and contribute further to all the HVAC business activities. The manufacturing processes always conform to the best international standards as well as specifications.

All details can be checked under product and certification section.

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