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UAE was an oil-based economy till a few decades back. The vast emirates were sand-covered extensively and mainly relied on the oil reserves for international trade and commerce. However, various factors have cumulated together to form the best infrastructure for the country in the entire GCC region.

According to the World Economic Forum report, UAE ranked 17th in the global infrastructure development ratings. This indicates towards the extensive and lucrative scope of the construction industry in UAE. As per the prediction of BMI Research, the UAE construction sector is set for an annual growth of 6.6%, which means that there is a significant increase in the demand and scope of the construction industry in Dubai, which needs to be tapped by the various companies from this sector of the industry.

KAD Air Conditioning – Leading Ducting and Accessories Makers in UAE

KAD Air Conditioning, the leading manufacturers of extensive ducting solutions and ducting accessories in the UAE, is one of the major exhibitors of The Big 5 International Building & Construction Show 2016. The Big 5 event this year is set to be held from the 21st to the 24th of November at the Dubai World Trade Center. KAD Air Conditioning ducting products and accessories are available at The Big 5 event at stall no. 1 B41 this year.

The Big 5 International Building & Construction Show 2016

The Big 5 event is a global annual event for the various construction and infrastructure companies to come together for a display of various modern, innovative and high-quality certified products for the UAE building and construction industry. This year’s event is set to host the largest numbers of products from leading HVAC/R industry from the country as well as across the world. Participants will be able to view first-hand the efficiency and productiveness of the various innovative products from markets as diverse as Asia and Europe. The main objective of The Big 5 event is to strengthen the connection and relationships between the various small and large construction industry players from the UAE and also to learn about the vast scope of the construction industry in UAE.

The Big 5 event is a huge and popular annual meet and exhibit for the construction industry players in Dubai and the UAE as well. With an extensive exhibitor list of over 3,000 companies it contains several globally renowned brands and names. This event is an ample opportunity to see the variety of innovative and effective products and solutions for the advancing industry. More than 75,000 participants from over 140 countries have already registered themselves to be a part of the biggest construction and infrastructure industrial event in the UAE.

KAD Air Conditioning at The Big 5

KAD Air Conditioning is the most renowned UAE manufacturer of a large variety of central air conditioning ducting products and various essential high-quality ducting accessories. The ISO-certified company joined the Bin Dasmal Group in 2002 in an effort to further increase its reach in the UAE and global HVAC industrial sector.

KAD Air Conditioning manufactures and supplies an essential range of specialized central air conditioning ducting equipment as well as other ducting systems. The company produces access doors, volume control dampers, motorized fire dampers, UL-classified fire dampers, motorized smoke dampers, motorized smoke and fire dampers, a sound attenuator for residential and industrial air conditioning systems.

KAD Air Conditioning products

Some of the popular products from KAD Air Conditioning are:

Air ducts – These come in a range of materials, from the Galvanized Iron (GI) Ducts and Mild Steel (MS) Ducts to the Stainless Steel (SS) Ducts and the Aluminum (AL) Ducts.

Volume Control Damper – KAD Air Conditioning provides K-VCD-AL-100, K-VCD-GI-200, K-VCD-GI-300-RD, K-VCD-AI-400-M, etc.

Access Doors – The access doors provided by KAD Air Conditioning are K-AD-25, K-ADH-25, K-ADH-C-25, etc.

Louvers – RZ 12, AFZM, RZO, ARZ, ZP, PZ, FZ and AFZV are some of the louvers provided by KAD Air Conditioning.

Dampers – The dampers provided by KAD Air Conditioning are ZPC, ZTZ-C, RZ-C, RZ-P, etc.

Sound Attenuators – PZM, PZC, and PZ, are the sound attenuators provided by KAD Air Conditioning.

UL classified Fire Damper – K-FD-15, K-FD-15-36, K-FD-11, K-MSFD-300 and E-MFD-300-22 are the major fire damper products from KAD Air Conditioning.

Highest quality ensured in KAD Air Conditioning products

KAD Air Conditioning follows the strictest manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality HVAC ducting and ducting accessories. The highly-trained team of experts and technical professionals work tirelessly to maintain the innovativeness as well as the higher quality of all products by KAD Air Conditioning.

Advantage of The Big 5 event for Construction and Infrastructure companies and HVAC Industries in UAE

The Big 5 International Building & Construction Show is the perfect platform for not only getting informed of the latest solutions for the various industrial obstacles, but it is also an ideal opportunity to witness the advances and progress in construction and building technology first-hand with the thousands of companies exhibiting their products and services. This show is also another boost towards the already-growing scope of construction industry in Dubai.

For middle-eastern countries, such as in the GCC, ideal air conditioning becomes a necessity of everyday life. Hence, there is an immense HVAC industry already in place in the UAE. This immense market is set to grow at a steady CAGR of around 7.4%, according to a report from Infiniti Research. The report also indicated that the increase in construction activity is the main factor behind the spurt in demand.

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