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Installation of the HVAC system in residential, commercial and the industrial sectors has gone common due to increasing warming in the atmosphere and erratic climatic conditions. The HVAC system installed in the space controls the temperature of the interiors as well as purifies the air flowing into the interiors.

The HVAC system is an assembly of several systems among which the duct work holds a crucial position. The duct work helps in transportation of the air, both removal, and delivery of air. The ducts responsibly ensure the flow of acceptable indoor air quality with thermal comfort.

Ducts are Important Component of HVAC System which must be of High Grade

In simple words, the duct is a pipe or tunnel which distributes air throughout the structure. The system of ducts is referred as duct work and is regarded as the central component of HVAC system. You can find only one set of ductwork in most of the HVAC systems that help in transportation of cool air in summer and warm air in the winters.

The ducts also fulfill the general ventilation needs. The ducts are only used in the central HVAC systems and not in the ductless air conditioning which is generally preferred in the residential spaces. With ducts having such high responsibility, the AC ducts manufacturers design and manufacture the ducts in the best durable way ensuring high performance.

KAD Air Conditioning: Get Best out of the Best Products from us

We are one of the leading AC ducts manufacturers based in UAE. At KAD Air Conditioning, the best high-grade materials are used for manufacturing the ducts. Galvanized Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, etc. are a few of the commonly used materials used by us for manufacturing highly durable ducts.

The varying materials of the duct are specialized according to the area of application. As per your requirements and area of application, you can find the ducts from us.

Find Stainless steel Ducts from KAD Air Conditioning for varying Applications

Among the many materials, stainless steel duct is highly popular with its multiple features. The stainless steel being corrosion resistant, resistant to heat and chemicals, smoother surface, high strength and durability, the stainless steel ducts have taken over the galvanized ducts. We manufacture the SS ducts from premium quality of stainless steel materials.

The SS ducts manufactured by us match the international standards of quality and cater to the diversified needs. Here, you can find SS ducts of various sizes and capacities from which, you can select as per the specified applications.

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