KAD Air Conditioning Provides Extremely High Quality Fire Dampers

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The fire dampers are essential parts of air ducting system that are used to maintain the required fire rated batteries and prevent the system from catching fire. They are employed in all ducting systems and are available in different types. Fire dampers suppliers provide these ducts in different specifications and characteristic features.

They are an indispensable part of an HVAC system, so it is always recommended to buy fire damper from trusted manufacturers and suppliers. They have experience and thorough knowledge about various kinds of dampers as manufactures know which dampers will work in the specified surrounding. KAD Air Conditioning is one of the most renowned manufacturers of all types of ducting accessories and fire dampers.

Modern day fire damper manufacturers follow two distinct methodology and mode of operation. Most of the dampers used in HVAC systems have blower that remain switched on during the time an alarm rings up. While some of them comprises of the blowers which gets switched off during the time of the fire alarm. But both the blowers are aimed at preventing the system from catching fire when exposed to heat. They work as per thermal mechanism where they are rated to close against moving air.

When buying a fire damper for your HVAC system, always ensure to purchase them from reputed manufacturers. KAD Air Conditioning is specialized in manufacturing high-quality air conditioning ducts and ducting equipment like fire dampers.

How does it work?

Fire and smoke dampers work on the mechanism of thermal insulation. Their main function is to prevent the spread of fire in the airway. The rise in temperature often leads to fire, but with dampers, they will close the airway in case of fire and prevent the spread of flame by working as a barrier. Some of them are of a certain style where they shut down an open space with a fusible melting material.

In some other types of fire dampers, higher degree flammable materials are installed in the duct, where they work to resist the passage of smoke and air inside the airway of the duct. Smoke dampers work because of smoke detectors that will close the functioning of damper upon detecting smoke.

KAD Air Conditioning deals in manufacturing all types of fire and smoke dampers that work both dynamically and statically. We have employed advanced techniques to make our dampers highly resistant against fire.

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