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Overview:  Fire dampers covered under UL555 & UL555S standard are intended for installation in accordance with Dubai Civil Defence Approved and have UL Certification Marks for all air conditioning and ventilation system. A fire damper is specifically installed in fire resistive rated assemblies where ducts penetrate and air transfer openings are there. In case of a fire, fire dampers shut automatically to prevent the propagation of fire and smoke through ductwork to adjacent designated fire compartments. Ducting should be installed in such a manner that it does not impose any loads on the fire damper in case of a fire.

Fire dampers are an important part of the fire protection system. It works when the heat from the fire causes the normal temperature of a room to rise to certain temperature. The fusible link attached to the damper would then melt, and then causing the damper’s door to close. Where the temperature is constantly higher, a higher degree fusible link would be attached to the damper.

Fire damper, a device that is installed in ducts and air transfer opening of an air distribution or smoke control system which is designed to close automatically upon detection of heat. It also serves to interrupt migratory airflow, resist the passage of flame, and maintain the integrity of the fire rated separation. Its primary function is to prevent the passage of flame from one side of a fire-rated separation to the other. This is the reason that maintenance and regular inspection is also essential. It gives you the guarantee that in case of fire, the fire dampers will operate correctly and do the job efficiently. Fire dampers are installed in or near the wall or floor, at the point of duct penetration, to retain the integrity and fire rating of a wall or floor whether it is a ducted or open-plenum return application.

A few of the fire damper Models available at KAD:

  • K -FD -15 -A/B -18: It complies with UL555 standard with11/2 Hrs. fire rating with static system with a spring of two stainless steel coil spring and have Fusible Link that is UL Listed with temperature rating of 72°C.
  • K -FD -15 -A/B -30: It operates when the temperature reaches to 72°C then its fusible link melts and spring force will close the interconnected blades. Its blades will stop at the latch and then it closes completely and fire will not spread in the rooms.
  • K -FD -15 -A/B -36: A damper is classified as per UL555 standard and to be to be installed in Masonry or gypsum wall. The expansion clearance between the fire damper sleeve and the wall opening must be ¼” inch and its thick galvanized steel perimeter angles are used as an installation frame around the perimeter of the frame.

Dubai Civil Defense Approved Fire Dampers are one of the crucial requirements for your business and considered as one of the reliable and safe dampers in Dubai.  KAD Air Conditioning is the leading organization in this industry, engaged in presenting an excellent grade of dampers.


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