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Air ducts are extremely important parts that are associated with heating, ventilation and air conditioning also called as HVAC. These offer pathways for cooled or heated air in order to travel throughout the home. This cleaning of the air duct is a process of the removal of contaminants and dust that gets accumulated over a period of time from the air ductwork. These air ducts are also known to be the circulatory system of the home, and this is why the cleaning of the air duct is extremely important.

Different types of air ducts

KAD Air Conditioning is among the reputed companies that offer different types of air ducts made of different material. Some of the important offerings from KAD Air Conditioning are explained as below:

1. Galvanized steel ducts

The GI Ducts are manufactured at state of the art factories as per the requirements of customers. These include accessories such as attachments, fittings, components and various other goods that are manufactured by using the highest quality of material and the finest grade. The features of GI ducts are as follows:

a. The GI ducts are hot dipped and galvanized steel ducts that are made of extremely lock forming quality that is used for the purpose of manufacturing the standard ducts
b. These ducts are also available in aluminum, stainless steel and both under certain circumstances.
c. All straight ducts also have a beading that comes along at a particular distance of around 300mm between them.

2. Mild steel ducts

The MS ducts are fabricated by using the cold rolled and hot rolled black steel sheets that come with fully welded construction in order to achieve leak proofing. Also, the MS ducts are used mainly for areas like the kitchen exhaust and other areas that are exposed to the external environment.

3. Stainless steel ducts

The stainless steel ducts or SS ducts are fabricated by using the prime stainless steel sheets. These also come along with the fully welded traverse and longitudinal joints. KAD Air Conditioning is experienced in the manufacturing of round as well as the rectangular stainless steel ducts. We have an extremely dedicated team of technicians and engineers that make sure the SS ducts are of extremely high quality.

4. Aluminum ducts

The aluminum ducts are manufactured in the round as well as rectangular shapes. KAD Air Conditioning has good experienced in this process.
These air ducts are very important parts of your HVAC process, and you need to make sure that you go and purchase for the finest air ducts. This will help you a lot in the long run as the quality of your HVAC system is also going to be maintained.


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