How do you know when to replace your ac ducts?

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A duct system is a network of connections that deliver heated or cooled air to different rooms or desired areas. Damaged or defective duct units will make it more expensive and difficult to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. A properly installed ductwork is responsible for moving the conditioned air throughout your home. Well-designed ducts will improve the efficiency of your HVAC system and keeps your home at a comfortable temperature. The duct network plays an important role in the cost, efficiency and the health of your HVAC system.

A thorough inspection of your duct system by the certified AC ducting companies in Dubai will help to identify the right condition of your duct systems. Over time, ducts become damaged, tangled or even worn down. Sometimes a new HVAC system doesn’t fit perfectly with the existing ductwork and demands modifications or adjustments to the existing duct system.

Signs it’s time to replace your ac ducts

Noisy system: Strange and shaking noises coming from the air conditioner unit is a sign that your air ducts are damaged. Ductwork that hasn’t been properly cleaned will emit certain sounds and causes airflow problem. Noisy sounds indicate a clogged or damaged ductwork that needs immediate replacement.

Age: A ductwork normally lasts for about 10 to 15 years before starting to deteriorate. Older duct systems show inefficiency issues. The exposed areas of your ductwork will be most commonly impacted by wear and tear. Old ductwork can be unreliable and is better to get it replaced after a certain period of time.

Less energy efficient: Ducts with leaking problems results in energy inefficiency and higher utility bills. Even properly sealed ducts will cause air leakage because of air pressure differences in different parts of the home. Air leakage through small cracks or seams are draining the electricity and rising up the energy bills and calls for duct replacement. Proper maintenance can mitigate the damage, but in case of sufficiently old ducts, it is better to opt for replacement.

Air quality: Breaks, tears, holes, and gaps in the ducts can cause the dust from outside to travel through the ducts causing dusty homes. Poor sealing and insulation of ducts can cause major health hazards and an unhealthy and unpleasant environment to live in.

One should consider the above checkpoints for installed ducts and should take the right decision for duct replacement.

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