Modern Standards of the Fire Dampers that Every Dealer Looks for

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World of smoke and fire dampers business is getting more interesting these days with improved manufacturing quality. Modern day manufacturers are equipped with high-end technologies. Naturally, these technologies enable them in developing much-customized products. Demands of smoke and fire dampers for both static and dynamic HVAC systems have significantly increased. Especially, the fire dampers used for the isolation of a duct penetration between the fire chambers are highly preferred due to their greater functionality.

Modern fire dampers are designed and produced quite strategically. These are constructed in a well-planned manner that can meet the expectation of any client. We at KAD Air Conditioning always follow the latest trend and technology from current industry market and provide high quality HVAC equipment to our customers. Our K-FD-15 model air conditioner can be a noticeable example in this regard. These fire dampers consist of excellent housing, fire-preventive damper blade and release mechanism that can meet any customized air conditioning demands.

Best materials for casing and damper blade shafts:

Material quality has been a big factor in trading of fire dampers. KAD Air Conditioning, being an experienced and reputed manufacturer can claim that the fire dampers with galvanized steels casing are in high demand among the traders. Well, not just casing, traders are equally serious about damper blades. Here KAD Air Conditioning represent the best quality damper blades, which are made up of exquisite insulating materials. Talking about the damper blade shafts, these are preferred to be manufactured using stainless steel. In fact, the push rods of KAD Air Conditioning are also made up of stainless steels.

Budget and Quality control:

As explained above, the modern traders want uncompromising quality, at the same time keeping the budget minimal. Manufacturers of smoke and fire dampers have therefore gone strategic while selecting the material quality. Priority is being given to using the most effective material for manufacturing each component of the fire dampers. Plastic plain bearings being made up of brass, and seals made up of polyurethane and elastomer can be the very good examples in this context.

Using the best quality material is not the only factor that matters for best deals of fire dampers. The manufacturers need to maintain the ultimate manufacturing standards as well, to make the most of these materials. Best manufacturers like KAD Air Conditioning thus conduct rigorous quality check post manufacture. Fire dampers are exposed to standard fire condition, in a regulated way to maintain the desired temperature. Such testing procedures are followed for a certain time frame. Apart from this, the fire dampers are also applied to a certain hose stream to ensure that the product has been manufactured with ultimate quality. For more information, one can consult executives here at KAD Air Conditioning.

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