Necessity of Fire Dampers inside the Ducting System

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The fire dampers are highly demanded by the clients, who use centralized air conditioning system, with complex ducting paths. The fire dampers are placed in the ducts, in order to restrict the spreading of fire during the accidents. Thus, by installing the fire dampers, the safety is highly enhanced.

The industrial clients prefer to install the fire dampers, in order to avoid all those accidents which are related to the fire. The design and mechanism of the fire dampers are maintained with great efficiency. According to a research report, the sale of fire dampers has increased up to 10 %, as compared to last year’s sale.

Mainly in the Middle East regions, the demands are very high. Many manufacturers are dealing with the fire dampers in order to fulfill the rising demands. KAD Air Conditioning is one of the best fire damper suppliers in Dubai. Since a long time, it has been supplying fire dampers to the clients all around UAE.

Basically, KAD Air Conditioning is a part of Bin Dasmal Group. Thus, all the products are designed and maintained to proper standards. The overall frame and blades of the fire dampers are fabricated with galvanized steel. This practice is mainly maintained in order to enhance the performance and durability of the fire dampers.

If the fire dampers cannot resist the fire for a long time, then it is of no use. Thus, KAD has ensured 11/2 hrs of fire rating. Well, in the case of emergency, the fire dampers can restrict the spreading of fire up to 1 hour, and more. The main components which are equipped with the fire dampers include blades, spring, latch, fusible link and many others.

Being efficient one of the fire damper suppliers in Dubai, KAD Air Conditioning ensures the best quality fire dampers with the effective mechanism. When the temperature inside the duct is more than 72 deg C, then the fusible link starts to melt and forces the spring to close the blades.

As the blades will close, the latch will be stopped, and the path is fully sealed and locked. It’s because of the fire dampers, the supply of air to the fire, highly reduced. Thus, the spreading of the fire is efficiently restricted to only one part of the duct. By installing the fire dampers, the life of the occupants along with properties can be greatly saved. Thus, it is a wise decision to check fire dampers of KAD Air Conditioning before buying it.


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