What is the need of duct access doors?

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Overview:  Access doors are used in the duct system and provide safe and secure access to ducts whenever needed. Evidently, ducts are accountable for the even distribution of conditioned air, which is essential for the area being supplied with that air. Ducts maintain an even flow throughout the room and help in maintaining the temperature conditions. Duct access doors have the properties of cam lock, the galvanized steel quick release cam lock is provided for the positive closure. The duct access doors are available in stainless steel and aluminum construction. These duct access doors are manufactured from 22 gaugeup to 12 gauge galvanized steel sheet of G-90 Zinc coating.

Different uses of access doors:

  • The air ducts are mainly used in ventilation, heating and air conditioning so as to remove and deliver air and access doors provides easy way to access the ducts.
  • Access doors are used to give maintenance personnel access into finished walls, ceilings and sometimes even floors.
  • An open access door creates a pathway for heat, smoke and flame, so access doors must be kept closed in order to maintain the integrity of the fire-rated assembly.
  • Access doors are used to access ducts when they need to be cleaned or repaired. Kitchen and laundry ducts are the most commonly accessed ducts.
  • Access door system boosts security and restricts access to personnel.

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