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In an air conditioning system, the AC ducts play a very vital role. Without proper connection of AC ducts, it is very difficult to pass the fresh and cool air to the chamber, where the air conditioning system is installed. So, in order to grab high quality air efficiently, it is recommended to choose the best quality AC ducts as per the need.

KAD air conditioning is considered as the best AC ducts manufacturer and supplier in UAE. Its products are supplied all over the Middle East countries. Apart from the Middle East countries, KAD Air Conditioning has also managed to attract clients from other parts of the world.

KAD Air Conditioning Mainly Deals with the Following Varieties of AC Ducts:

Aluminum Ducts –

The aluminum ducts are mainly fabricated from high quality sheets of AA 1100 or some other equal grade metal sheets. In order to maintain proper efficiency, these aluminum ducts are manufactured as per different standards like BS EN 515, ASTM B 209, BS EN 573, and BS EN 485. These ducts are mainly used in the clean rooms or in the swimming pools.

Stainless Steel Ducts –

These ducts maintain proper hygienic environment instead of being used in high corrosive atmosphere. Due to high resistance to corrosion, these ducts are basically preferred for the kitchen exhaust system. The strength and rigidity of these ducts are very good as compared to other AC ducts.

The manufacturing process involves various standards like ASHRE, BS, and NFPA standards. Mainly these ducts are available with grades 304 and 316, as per the requirements of the clients.

Mild Steel Ducts –

These ducts are manufactured from hot or cold rolled black steel sheets. These ducts offer excellent fire resistance and are highly used in the kitchen exhaust system. As per the demand of the clients, fire resistance characteristics of these ducts can be improved by spraying fire rated coating over the ducts. Even multiple coats of Red oxide over the ducts can improve the fire resistance properties.

Galvanized Iron Ducts –

These ducts are manufactured from hot dipped galvanized steel sheets as per different international standards. As per the requirement of the customers, KAD customizes these ducts. High insulation and excellent sound proofing features are also provided with these ducts.

Dealing with such amazing AC ducts, KAD Air Conditioning has managed to earn a unique reputation in the market. Whatever may be the ducting needs of the clients; there will always be an appropriate solution available at the door of KAD Air Conditioning.


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