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It is very important to install appropriate air ducts in order to enhance the flow of air within an air conditioning system. The air ducts are the main passage containers of air, through which both supply and the return of air is managed efficiently. As per different applications, different air ducts are also available in the market. There is a huge demand for air ducts in the Middle East markets.

As the industrial sector is growing rapidly, the clients are highly demanding for flexible air ducts. In order to supply the air ducts to the clients efficiently, a number companies started to deal with different varieties of air ducts. KAD air conditioning is considered as one of the best flexible duct manufacturer in UAE.

As per the clients, there is no comparison available to the products of KAD. Clients from different part of the world appreciate the products of KAD. All the products of KAD Air Conditioning are manufactured as per different safety and international standards. Thus, a proper occupational safety along with great efficiency is maintained with the air ducts of KAD.

Mainly KAD Deals with the following Air Ducts:

Galvanized Iron Air Ducts –

These ducts are made up of hot dipped galvanized steel sheets. In order to enhance the strength of these ducts, proper beadings are provided at every 300 m distance. KAD manufactures both aluminum and stainless steel ducts as per the requirement of the clients.

Mild Steel Ducts –

These ducts are fabricated with cold or hot rolled black steel sheets. Because of high fire resistance characteristics, these ducts are mainly used in the Kitchen exhausts. In order to avoid any kind of leaks in the ducts, these ducts are maintained with proper welding methods.

Stainless Steel Ducts –

These ducts are mainly made up of high quality stainless steel sheets of 304 and 316 grade. These ducts offer a great corrosion resistance characteristics, thus are highly preferred in the Kitchen ducting systems. These are mainly manufactured as per BS, NFPA, and ASHRE standards.

Aluminum Ducts –

These kinds of ducts are fabricated from aluminum sheets of grade AA 1100. Both rectangular and round ducts are maintained as per the requirement of the clients. These are mainly manufactured as per BS EN 573, BS EN515, BS EN 485, ASTM B 209 standards.

Thus, in order to grab the best quality and efficient air ducts, it is highly recommended to grab the ducts from the best flexible duct manufacturer like KAD Air Conditioning.


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