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Fire is one of those natural hazards, which can turn your belongings into ashes, in no time! There are different types of fire resistance methodologies available, but none can be as great and effective as fire and smoke dampers. Available in manual and motorized divisions, these help in preventing fire and have become a leading part of the HVAC system. Now, if you are looking for quality and quantity at the same time, you have KAD Air Conditioning for help. Widely used in HVAC systems, these dampers are currently available in different shapes and sizes, to match flexible requirements of clients.

Part of a sophisticated infrastructure

At present, buildings are incarnating different infrastructures for accentuating the value of their place. Well, a little bit of fire can easily hamper the condition of your place, and turn your property into ruins, in no time. It is not just going to be a property loss, but a human loss, as well. It is during such times, when you need fire and smoke dampers, to work with the complex HVAC designs. These are further used for human safety. KAD Air Conditioning is offering a broad range of services, for protecting individual room and even a complete zone by sealing any extract or supply air.

Features to look for

If you browse through the internet, you will be mesmerized with so many different types of fire dampers. Now, how can you possibly choose the best one, among the lot? Well, for that, you have to procure items with the best features, amalgamated under one platform. These fire dampers are mostly available in motorized and mechanical operation. Furthermore, these items are well constructed using a perfect mix of stainless steel and galvanized steel. These items are currently available in present interlocking blades, designed like a curtain or in some multi-blade type construction, as well.

Other sources to work on

Apart from the points already mentioned above, there are some other noteworthy features of dampers, as procured from KAD Air Conditioning. You can even try to invest money for a combination of fire smoke dampers, which are the latest names in the account. These dampers can easily comply with the BS 476 part, and with UL555S and UL555 standards. You can furthermore ask to procure the installation services in the horizontal and vertical wall, slabs and more. So, wait no further and just join hands with the firm of your choice, for immediate help with your fire smoke dampers.

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