Smoke Fire Damper Caters All Your Life Safety Needs

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Are you interested in creating a surefire passive fire protection system? Do you want to invest in a UL classified damper? Are you one of those millions of buyers confused about the functioning of fire damper and Smoke Fire Damper?

If answers to all these questions are yes, keep reading the below given information to know more about the best low leak damper and an actuator assembly.These products offered by KAD Air Conditioning are UL555 standard passed and are of the high quality.

What is a combination smoke/fire damper?

Smoke dampers resist the passage of smoke and air in HVAC systems and fire dampers maintain the integrity of fire-rated separations by resisting the passage of flame. A device that combines the application requirements of both these products is called a combination damper or a smoke fire damper. Further, these dampers are also compliant to UL555 standards for safety of fire dampers and smoke dampers.

When you have HVAC penetrations in the walls, floor or ceiling, you need to install both fire dampers and smoke dampers to ensure passive fire protection. But not anymore, you can invest in our offered smoke fire damper that performs the job of both the products efficiently.

Meet your passive fire safety needs

Damper systems designed for fire and smoke protection are engineered with electric heat release device which helps to perform double duty in the event of a fire. With the help of the duct temperature the device closes itself upon detection of heat, and with the help of the smoke detector, the device seals the opening to prevent the spread of smoke.

Thus, it is convenient to have performance benefits of fire and smoke damper in one device that is highly efficient and prevents any kind of pressure problem in the HVAC system. Our offered smoke fire dampers are catering to all the fire safety needs because:

1. Our models are developed with innovatively designed blades that ensure less pressure drop.
2. With the assurance of less pressure drop, the models are able to fulfill the promise of energy savings.
3. With its easy assembly, inspection and maintenance become hassle free that are important to ensure proper operation of a fire smoke damper.

For a properly designed life safety system it is important to invest in the model offering installation flexibility and assurance of UL compliance. We are offering a complete line of Civil Defense approved fire and smoke dampers that are specially designed for highly complex infrastructure in the modern day building. Go through our wide product range to find the best model that caters your life safety needs.


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