Why smoke and fire dampers are essential for your building?

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Fire accidents are very unbridled and customary once commenced but there are several ways to prevent it.  Fire and smoke dampers are essential establishments in an office or an accident prone industry like the petrochemical businesses. The fire and smoke dampers are the equipment that are basically installed in the buildings inside the channels of ventilation units, as these areas can cause disasters with a fire flare-up. Nowadays fire dampers come in a motorized form that are designed to use in HVAC system application and where the signal is conveyed by the control panel and not through melting of the fuse as in conventional forms. Upon power interruption, the damper closes automatically to prevent the spread of smoke through ducts in smoke barriers.

Basically, fire dampers are installed where air ducts perforate fire resistant compartment walls. Their main work is to prevent smoke proliferation and to restore the fire resistance grade of the penetrated wall. Fire damper complies with UL555 standard with 11/2 Hrs fire rating with the static system. Their fusible Link is UL Listed with a temperature rating of 72°C. As the temperature reaches to 72°C fusible link will melt and spring force will close the interconnected blades and then blades will stop at the latch by this, fire will not spread in the rooms. The main objective of fire damper is to prevent the spread of fire

Fire dampers prevent the spread of fire inside the ductwork that crosses fire-resistance rated walls and floors. They are installed in or on the construction element in order to restore its fire-resistance rating.

  • Fire and smoke dampers are installed in the ducts of ventilation systems. There are two types of blades that is Blade A inside the airstream and Blade B outside the airstream.
  • The standard frame of fire dampers work well for most installation applications and have 18 gauges galvanized steel.
  • Smoke dampers help in keeping the atmosphere clean and clear out the vital rescue operations. They create high pressure around the ducts and walls, where they are installed diverting the fumes to the open atmosphere as much as possible.

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