Stainless Steel Ducts Products for Your Home Assortment

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The products distinguish themselves through their high stability, strength and precision manufacturing. Stainless steel ducting systems are manufactured with circular cross sections that are designed for optimum sealing and minimal pressure loss.

The material used for manufacturing stainless steel ducts product is of high quality and hence used for the best extraction system. The company manufacturing stainless steel ducts make use of all components that are necessary for a flexible and modular extraction system.

In order to satisfy the diverse needs of the customers, KAD Air Conditioning offers full range of options of stainless steel ductwork. The company ensures that customers receive every component that they require.

Stainless Steel Duct:

To improve the comfort in your house and save energy, it is recommended that you insulate the stainless steel ducts properly using insulators.
• The steel metal has higher strength and rigidity properties as compared to other GI ducts.
• The Stainless steel ducts are manufactured in rectangular as well as round shape.
• The ducts are mostly used for kitchen exhaust and the areas where hygiene is considered to be the top priority.

The stainless steel ducts in Egypt are the most common ducts due to their flexibility, ease of installation, durability and resistance property. Apart from their primary purpose of air conditioning, these ducts help to improve energy efficiency.

The quality controllers of company check out the requirements of customers when it comes to ventilation purpose. KAD is also into manufacturing volume control dampers with the finest grade of material making use of the latest technology.

Volume control damper regulates and provides constant fresh air. The damper controls air flow in heating and cooling system. Volume control dampers manufacturers provide a variety of complete ventilation technologies for customers. Different building products as well as air ventilation products are available in wide range for complete ventilation technologies.

Volume control dampers manufacturers assure the production of high quality and efficiency materials that will fulfill the requirements of customers and clients. Selecting the right damper in your HVAC system is important to assure good operating characteristics.

Positive ventilation systems can be cost effective and can suit almost all homes and budgets. The investment in good ventilation products always gives best result.

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