Testing required for fire dampers

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Fire damper is a device installed inside the duct that is designed to close automatically when the fire is detected. The primary function of the fire damper is to avoid the passage of flames from one side of a fire-rated separation to the other side. Fire dampers should be properly tested and inspected frequently to ensure its safety and proper functioning. Successful visual inspection of fire dampers require unobstructed line of sight. Testing is done to ensure they are not closed or blocked which will inadvertently affect the operation of the frame. Testing is also done to confirm that the fusible link is not damaged as it can prevent the damper from properly functioning in the event of an emergency. Visual inspections of fire dampers are usually carried out on the basis of the pre-mentioned requirements.

Testing of fire dampers should be carried out one year after the installation and every four years after that. Any fusible link present should be removed in advance. In case of dynamic dampers, testing in normal HVAC operation with airflow proves its operational efficiency. Static fire dampers do not require this. Successful operations during testing prove that there is no interference due to damaged blades or rust. Operational tests are mandatory in determining if the fire dampers are able to resist the spread of fire.

Fire dampers meeting UL555 test standard are intended for use where the air ducts terminate or penetrate at wall openings or partitions. Applicable standards and certifications act as a valuable guide about the periodic performance of fire dampers. Certifications like EMME.R38037, Dubai and Abu Dhabi Civil Defense certification indicate the quality assurance of the fire dampers used.

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