Ways to minimize energy loss in ductwork

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Proper duct system design is critical in home construction. Many ductwork designs lose a lot of energy due to poor insulation & leakage problems and requires upgradations for proper functioning. Efficiently designed duct systems provided by the certified ducting suppliers will properly distribute the air throughout the area and keep all the rooms at comfortable temperatures. Existing systems can suffer from design inefficiencies which will demand fixing of problems related to insulation, air leakage, and inefficient windows. Below are the significant and effective ways to minimize energy loss in your ductwork system even if the desired area is newly built or old.

Proper Design: Efficient ductwork designs plays a crucial role in the energy savings of your home. Ducts designs must fit with the available space. Design factors are easier to address during construction to facilitate the sufficient supply of air to different parts of the desired area. It is important to properly assess all the ducting components before putting them together.
Correct Sizing: Correctly sized ducts prevent energy loss and support efficiency. The ducts should be big enough to carry hot and cool air to the farthest places. If the ducts are too large sized; the HVAC system will run longer leading to energy loss. Small-sized ductwork restricts airflow within the system and will use more energy trying to distribute the conditioned air evenly. Every home is different and customizing the ductworks will help to optimize the HVAC system and maximize energy efficiency.
Right Placement: Right duct placement saves energy costs and gives the highest comfort. Duct placement is a crucial factor in controlling the energy costs of your home. Incorrect duct placements lead to reduced comfort, increased energy costs and higher air conditioning repair costs. Installation of ducts within a conditioned space provides large energy savings and the easiest way to do this is to integrate the ducts into the ceilings.
Efficient Insulation: Sealing and insulating the ducts will improve the indoor air quality by preventing the dust and other contaminants from entering the duct system. Proper insulation reduces the amount of energy required for the comfortable cooling or heating of your home.

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