What are Non Return Dampers?

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Non return/pressure relief dampers are designed to be used in commercial and residential air conditioning systems for the intake and discharge of air. The blades of the non-return damper are held in the open position by the airflow when the ventilation system is on. If the ventilation system is switched off, the damper blades of non-return dampers close automatically and prevent the reverse airflow. They also give protection against the ingress of untempered air, rain etc.

They offer high integrity and can be used in the offshore oil & gas and nuclear markets where mechanical integrity, corrosion resistance, and performance hold the utmost importance. They are also used to prevent the backflow and to relieve the pressure through ventilation and duct systems. It includes the design features like parallel blade motion, excellent corrosion resistance, continuous welded construction etc.

They prevent unwanted airflow against the intended direction of the airflow when the system is not functioning. They facilitate both vertical and horizontal installation. They can be easily adjusted by changing the position of the counterweights. Blades are linked together in non-return dampers. The blades of non-return dampers can be made from galvanized steel or stainless steel.

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