What do you need to know about duct access doors?

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Duct access doors are a crucial part of the commercial kitchen exhaust system. It facilitate the cleaning, inspection and maintenance of the ventilation systems. Duct access doors helps to oils, grease and fats from accumulating on the surfaces of your ductwork.

Commercial kitchens create different levels of grease accumulation. Solid fuel cooking, high volume fryer, grills etc. all create a greater volume of grease accumulation inside the kitchen ventilation unit. Even low volume cooking operations will eventually result in traces of oil, fats, grease and dirt building up over time on the ventilation duct surfaces. Highly flammable cooking requirements like pizza making can also create hazardous situation when combined with other grease exhaustion. This combination of creosote and grease and creosote can ignite further and can burn even hotter. During cooking, fats, oils, and all other contaminants are vaporized in to the kitchen ventilation system.

Even when the kitchen is spotless, duct will be accumulates with dust and dirt’s over time. Duct access doors facilitates the easy cleaning of duct systems to ensure both safety and adequate ventilation. All horizontal and vertical ducts should be provided with duct access doors. They must also have a great gasket or seal. Any fasteners used to seal these duct access doors should be made of carbon steel or stainless steel and may not even penetrate the duct wall.

With different styles and designs available in the market, choosing the right duct access door will not be a difficult choice. KAD air conditioning is one of the recognized ducting suppliers in the UAE providing best quality AC ducts and HVAC accessories in the UAE market. They manufacture and supply different types of duct access doors as per requirements and relevant industry standards.


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