What is duct sealing?

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Air ducts are used in residential spaces for throughout distribution of conditioned air throughout. One of the most common causes of energy loss in homes is due to improper ductwork. If the ductwork is not properly sealed, it can lead to conditioned air travelling through ducts to escape. Proper duct sealing will improve the home’s comfort and efficiency levels. 

The process of duct sealing requires professional inspection of your duct system to patch up both obvious and hard-to-find problem areas. There are many benefits to getting your ducts professionally sealed. Cracks and holes in the ductwork make the loss of conditioned air which means that the money you spend on heating and cooling is also going to waste. By getting your AC ducts sealed, this problem can be eliminated. This will lower your monthly heating and cooling bills. 

The main problem with the leaky ductwork system is that some rooms will have uneven temperatures. Duct sealing will make sure that every room gets conditioned air and hot and cold spots at your home are eliminated. Duct sealing is not just important because of the air that escapes the ducts, but also due to air that can get into the ducts. Unfiltered air will allow airborne contaminants to sweep into your ducts through leaks and contaminate the air. Proper sealing of ducts will prevent this problem and will help to keep the air safe and healthy to breathe.

Leaks from AC ducts can create pressure problems that will increase the risk of back-drafting of combustion gases from appliances like water heaters, furnaces, and dryers. This potentially life-threatening issue can be prevented by proper duct sealing.  It is important to choose products that provide durable sealing. Sealing your duct system increases the indoor air quality of air, helps to eliminate dust, debris, and allergens coming in from unconditioned spaces. Sealing your duct system offers tremendous benefits that are worth looking into before you decide to replace the existing system.

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